Here in Alaska weather can be very unpredictable; it could rain or snow, only to be followed by beautiful blue skies all in one day, or even one hour! Weather is not a reason to be worried or cancel your shoot. I love shooting in the rain and snow; it can be such a fun change of mood and lighting.

Surprisingly, overcast days where there is no sun at all can sometimes be better for photos. When it is sunny, people tend to squint, especially children and harsh shadows can occur. So there is no need to wait for a sunny day to schedule your session! Embrace the Alaskan elements, whatever they may be!

The best time to shoot on a sunny day would be in the evening, when the sun is lower in the sky.  When shooting in Homer, the sun is usually behind the mountains and can wash them out so sometimes they don't show up well. Regardless of the weather, Homer is gorgeous! 

I do not give deposit refunds if you decide to cancel because of weather.  Of course, there are some exceptions, if you are doing family photos and have an infant or a small child that you are worried about getting cold or wet, I am happy to reschedule or wait out the storm! Communication is key, so please let me know if you have any concerns prior to your session!

Weather & Cancelation Policy:

Weather is at times unpredictable in Alaska, we can get a little bit of everything in the same day. The rain and the long winters are what makes our beautiful summers so amazing and long anticipated!

In the over a decade that I have been doing photography, cancellations due to weather hardly ever happen; I can think of just a few times out of the hundreds of sessions I have done. The cancellations have typically happened due to a torrential downpour because this type of rain (as opposed to snow or mist/rain) actually gets you wet, and this type of weather can also damage my equipment. We love shooting in the snow and rain, some client even wait to schedule their session for day that it is snowing. Choosing great photo ready and season appropriate outfits helps; think layers, even in the summer. If the session has started and the weather becomes unbearable, I am happy to wait it out with you!

Ultimately, the final call on cancellation is up to you. I will stay touch with you when weather might be an issue!  

When you schedule a session with me, I am turning away other work, and I set aside time in my schedule specifically for you. As a result, I have to charge a fee when you choose to cancel or do not show up.

Cancelations & No Show Fees:

1 Day (24 hours) or Less     $50 Cancelation Fee

No Show:                             $100 No Show Fee

Photographer Cancelation - No fees charged

** Definitions:

Cancelation: canceling anytime within 24 hours prior to your session

No Show: not showing up for your session with and no communication with photographer


Photos taken in the rain or snow can be very beautiful and romantic! Here are some of our favorites: 

Wedding Guests & Unplugged Ceremony  

Your guests are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day! They are there to support you, dance with you, celebrate with you and share beautiful memories with you! 

These days many guests bring their phones, tablets, and digital cameras to the wedding so they can look back at their photos and remember the day. We love seeing this during the reception, although during the ceremony it can turn into a nightmare very quickly. When you are walking down the aisle and all you see is your friends and family looking at you through their phone screen instead of with their eye it can be discouraging, it can feel disconnecting. I promise that you don't want my photos of you to be blocked by someone with an tablet, phone or device. Also, guests that bring their own professional cameras and equipment sometimes feel the right to get in my shots or block me from doing my job. I don't want to miss a moment because of a guest; I want them to be a part of the moments and enjoy the celebration! That is why I am there after all, to capture the celebration with the people you love most.

Something I have seen and recommend to future brides is to have a sign that lets your guests know to put away their devices during the ceremony and be present with you in the moment during your Unplugged Ceremony! We also recommend that you also have your officiant make a simple announcement before the ceremony even begins. And you could even include verbiage in your wedding invite or on your website that you will be having an Unplugged Ceremony.

Here is a great sign you can purchase on Etsy and have printed for your ceremony:



Location is very important, especially when choosing a wedding venue. Outside sessions are the absolute best, even if the weather is not ideal for a picnic. Natural light gives a nice soft feel to your photos. If you choose to have your photo session or wedding indoors, having natural light come in by way of windows or doors is a great way to ensure that your photos look great!

Wedding Venues

If you are having a large tent outdoors for the reception or ceremony, most have a detachable wall that you can take down to ensure that natural light will not be blocked.

If you are wanting to capture your bridal party getting ready for the wedding, i.e. the bride and bridesmaids getting makeup and hair done or putting on dress, groom and groomsmen getting dressed, try to find a location that has big windows and not a small, dimly lit room or bathroom. These photos are easy to recreate, so even if the area you get ready isn't ideal for photos, we can find a spot with great lighting and get the shots you want!

Sometimes during inside receptions people turn down the lights during the first dances to make it feel more romantic. We get it, dimming lighting feels very romantic! But for photography sake, it is best to leave as many lights on as possible so that we can get great photos of the expressions and special moments during those dances. We are happy to make specific suggestions at your venue for lighting!

Here are some examples of natural light vs indoor light at weddings: